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Need help find forum for Rollators Kickbike combinations

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Need help find forum for Rollators Kickbike combinations

Postby RollatorguySweden on Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:06 am

Yes I know such crazy combination. Take an ordinary standard Rollator. Don't change anything on it!

But do as they do for to be able to hitch or hinge or to hang on something big behind a vehicle.
Here the Rollator are a kind of front wheel steering of a bike or the Motor part with four wheel of a Truck and the cargo trailer is me and my body hanging on to not fall behind :)

So the whole Rollator are the front wheel that steer where I want to go. You do see this for your inner eye don't you?

So I sit or stand on the kickbike with and added seat and the usual food pads to stand on. But my hands are on the Rollator that the Kickbike hang on to like mad!

Now you all see it I hope because I am incredibly bad at drawing.

I need your help because I fail to find a forum where they love to share ideas about how to find a good solution for us with aching hurting knee problems and that have balance problem and that need to be able to take the Rollator/Kickbike combination inside places we visit.

So it has to be a standard regular Rollator or else it is not allowed. The kickbike part need to be hidden in some way. inside a sac or bag or some luggage sort of.

So I need to find a forum for us with wild ideas and no money or patent things to worry about. A DIY homebuild and homebrew way of thinking. Not a commercial and professional Design forum where they expect CAD and Photoshop drawings. Where they accept crude pencil sketches on a piece of paper pictured by smarphone camcamera shot whatever

Please I spent weeks now and spent hours every day trying to find this and failed.

Re: Need help find forum for Rollators Kickbike combinations

Postby RollatorGuySweden on Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:23 am

I forgot to give link to my efforts to find like minded DIY innovators of Mobility Aid for us with knee problem combined with balance problem and a need for taking our precious thingy inside of stingy Shops and Malls where they have Guards that have Eagle Eye on anything looking very odd. So it needs to look like a regular Rollator with a bag or sac on that hide the Kickbike part.

Ha ha one could take a A.Bike and then tow the rollator behind as a kind of trailer?

And then when arriving at the Shop one fold the Abike and put it in the Sac and keep sac in the place for luggage on the regular standard Rollator. That way one can walk with confidence inside the big Super Mall for hours and sit and rest on the Rollator and enjoy oneself.

Anyway here is one link to my attempts to find like minded DIY Designers and Innovators.


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