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Maybe the bike is to lite?

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Maybe the bike is to lite?

Postby kenwshmt2 on Fri May 11, 2007 3:13 am

In the two months Ive had the bike, I've steadily been increasing how much it weights.
I hadn't added much; speedometer, stand in the handle bar, the shock pump I now carry in the seat tube, and some other small modifications. So far, I think Ive added about 6 pounds.

I cant say what it is, but today with the heaviest I've had it, and more in the bike bag than usual, I biked further, faster, and with the least fatigue than I have had till now.

I know I'm getting in better shape, but I hadn't been able to bike since last week because of the bad weather.

Maybe I've been over exerting on too lite a bike, and having it somewhat heavier now its giving me better resistance to my efforts?

I don't know.

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