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Project 15T -- Half link chain

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Project 15T -- Half link chain

Postby newcross on Wed Dec 19, 2007 2:42 pm

In order to install 15 tooth freewheel to A-bike instead of normal 14T, we need to extend chain length about half a link and make a small tensioner in the gear box.

Since the "half a link" connector is hard to come by in UK market for some reason, I wonder whether we can skip the extention bit and go for Half link chain straight away or not.


(Wipperman STD 1/2 Link - £1.99)

Salt Half Link Chain - £9.99

Reluctant BMX Half Link Chain - £12.99

Shadow Conspiracy BMX Chains -£22.99

Reluctant supports from 13T, and from T9 for Shadow Conspiracy, but A-bikes mid-cog is 8T!!!

I know this is a rare case, but just let me try asking everybody here.
Have any of you tried these half link chain with your A-bike? :?:
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