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Better than NEW A-Bike! ;-) SOLD on ebay!

Buy, sell and trade A-Bikes and other micro folding bikes. Post your ad for free in here! Also feel free to link to Ebay auctions. Genuine bikes only.

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Better than NEW A-Bike! ;-) SOLD on ebay!

Postby lozisung on Mon Feb 18, 2008 7:51 pm


My A-Bike, which I bought at the end of last year, very little used, less than 5 miles on the road.

I bought it to commute between home --> train station --> office and back, but, as I might have mentioned in my posts in the forum, I have an old back injury (from free-running).

As such, I bought my A-Bike to see if I could ride at all, as it is a rather gentle ride compared to how I used to fly off things on my urban MTB.

Well, it seems I need another year of physio before I can think of riding bicycles, so I might as well sell it.


It is slightly improved over new, as in, I have added tie clamps to strengthen the stress points at the seat post and down tube and I bought a rather expensive suspension seat post, the USE XCR Shokpost, very lightweight, and very comfy. This was not cheap and it shows, it is supremely well made and feels quality.


Also, I added the Rido ergonomic saddle which is the most comfy saddle I have ridden and I bought 3 just in case I can never buy another when I get a new bike!

Will also include the original seat post and saddle (yechh!) and original carry bag. I don't have the manual or box anymore, but it is a genuine A-Bike from Mayhem, and will offer a full money back guarantee if this is proved otherwise.


Selling at the bargain price of £130
Will discount to £75 without the USE XCR Suspension Shokpost and Rido saddle as they are quite expensive and wouldn't mind keeping them.
I'll use the cheapest postage or buyer's preference and quote the exact cost, should be about £15 in the UK I expect.

I will happily take a cheque or you can PayPal me.
Best way to get in touch is to call me: 07932 067 231

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