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x-10 cheap scooters (electric alternative)

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x-10 cheap scooters (electric alternative)

Postby kenwshmt2 on Thu Feb 21, 2008 7:53 pm



This is a near adequate alternative to an a-bike, if you weigh less than 120 lbs/54 kg.

I'll put a picture of it in an a-bike bag soon, it almost fits.
The front wheel sticks out the top of the bag. and it weighs about the same.

The handlebar grips are bunjid, with plastic holders down the bar.

Its range is 4 miles/ 6.4km powered and another 1 or 2 miles assisted, after that you are on your own power.

Its a rough ride; it has no suspension, and solid rubber wheels.
It's not fun on cobble or brick at all.
It does have variable speed, you can crawl along at a walk's pace, Its top speed is barely faster than a run.

Its a flimsy machine, I only intend to use it as a backup to my e100, or when I am going into downtown to go into someplace.

It checked into the coat room at the local art museum without any problems. :wink:
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