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Where to Buy the Sinclair A-Bike

Buy A-Bike in UK

Mayhem UK: The official UK distributor. For mail-order in UK and around the world (excluding China & HK). You can also visit their office to try out the A-Bike. Currently offline while they are waiting for the A-Bike Plus.

A-Bike Central Forum: You can post A-Bikes wanted and for-sale ads free in our forum.

Buy A-Bike in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg


Buy A-Bike in Hong Kong

Local Distributor: MHM Marketing www.abike-shop.com

Authorized retailers: City'Super, LOG-ON (City'Super Life Divison), Marathon Sports, JC Shop

Buy A-Bike in Japan

Official Distributor: Daisaku-Shoji Ltd www.abike-uk.com
List of A-bike stores in Japan

Buy A-Bike in Spain

Shop: El corte ingles

Buy A-Bike in Sweden


Buy A-Bike Elsewhere

There is a discussion thread in our forum about official distributors and other suppliers of A-Bike. Have a look in there, and feel free to post any extra information you may have!
A-Bike Central Forum thread on where to buy A-Bike

Buy A-Bike on Ebay

You can find new and used A-Bikes for sale on Ebay. See the list below for live Ebay auctions. Warning! There are many second hand bargains on Ebay, but there have also been a lot of fake A-Bike reported for sale there. The fakes are usually of very poor quality and potentially dangerous to ride! You can use any of these 3 methods to find out if an A-Bike on Ebay, or anywhere else is real or fake:

1) Read the tips in this A-Bike Central forum thread, and ask the experts there for advice.
2) Read the official check list here.
3) Send an email to the official "Is it Real?" helpline, faREMOVEke_or_real@abREMOVEike-shop.nl

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